Monday, December 19, 2011

Advt By Public Relations in TN newspapers - WATER FOR TAMIL NADU SAFETY FOR KERALA



Mullaperiyar Dam and its Safety is a cause of concern for kerala. It is also the source of water to the five districts of Tamil Nadu. The Kerala Legislative Assembly in its Resolution on 9th December 2011 has unanimously resolved that Tamil Nadu will continue to receive the Same Quantity of water from the new Dam as it receives today

Kerala has always reiterated the stand that we are committed to provide water from mullaperiyar to Tamilnadu.This Stand has been unambiguously conveyed to the Honb'le Supreme Court, the Honb'le Empowered Committee, Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India. There need not be any apprehension about our intention.

A new Dam is the only solution by which countinued supply of water to Tamil Nadu can be ensured and the safety concerns of kerala could be addressed. It is a solution where both sides win. It ensures water for Tamil Nadu.
I have no doubt that we will be able to find an amicable solution to this decades long issue. Our governments have a responsibility to ensure that the issue is not allowed to escalate and create misunderstandings between our people who have a long tradition of cordiality and excellent relationship. We depend on each other in several areas. A large number of workers,students, employees and professionals from kerala live in Tamil nadu and those from Tamil Nadu live in Kerala. They have always lived peacefully. Lakhs of Devotees have been visiting Sabarimala and there have been no untoward instances.

We value the cordial relations of our people. unfortunately there is a misinformation which has led to reactions. We want no incident to cast a shadow on our relationships. We assure that Kerala Government will do everything possible to protect the dignity and safety of Tamils in Kerala. I am sure that Government of Tamilnadu is equally committed to protect and provide safety to the people from kerala in Tamil Nadu. I appeal to all to maintain peace and restraint and refrain from emotional acts that affect peace and harmony.

Oommen Chandy
Chief Minister of Kerala.
Information - Public Relations, Govt. of Kerala